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Client References and Testimonials

Part of our commitment to continuous quality improvement means listening closely to what our clients tell us. The feedback we receive helps us improve every aspect of what we do, and also provides an opportunity to share with potential clients what our existing partners like about our programs, and why they continue to choose SAFEWEST.  

Here is just some of the positive feedback we have received about our instructors and onsite programs:
"Just wanted to let you know that Carlo from Safewest did an outstanding job today. I have been through quite a few CPR trainings in my time and his class was hands down the best. He took the time to walk the shop with me afterwards, and give us suggestions on improvements."
-Electrical Fabrication Shop Manager, Lake Elsinore, CA

"I just wanted to thank you guys for being so wonderful in helping get our team certified and working around our crazy schedule. That was the best first aid class we’ve ever had. Everyone enjoyed it and found it informative and engaging. I will definitely be keeping Safewest's information for future training courses.
Thanks again and have a wonderful week!"
-Electrical Fabrication Shop Coordinator, Lake Elsinore, CA

"The fire extinguisher class was great. It was straightforward and simple. Carlo is a great instructor, pleasant, professional and punctual.The presentation was informative and engaging. Carlo brought and set up a small box that could start a small and contained fire. Each person had an opportunity to employ their training and skills which we learned in training."
-Biotech Research Staff, San Diego, CA

"Recently I attended a safety class on fire extinguishers at our work site. Having retired from the Fire Service for twenty years and attended many training classes, your instructor Carlo was very knowledgeable on the subject and presented in a very easy manner that all the lay persons could understand and benefit from."
-Museum Security Officer, San Diego, CA
"I just wanted to thank you for your first aid training services yesterday. As always, your curriculum and delivery were on point. I especially appreciate the fact that you identify persons that are reluctant to participate and insist that they engage – a crucial factor. I also want to thank you for helping us inventory all of our first aid kits. We’ve acquired a substantial contract in LA which has resulted in new hires - if your services are needed for these new hires I will be sure to let the decision makers know about SAFEWEST."
-Electrical/Lighting Projects Technician, San Diego, CA

"I reached out to Safewest for Respirator Training. Carlo was GREAT throughout the entire process. I even hired him to administer First Aid training as well. Carlo was organized, responsive to my questions and was friendly! I enjoyed hearing my technicians participate in the training and laugh throughout the day as they enjoyed Carlo a lot. Carlo was able to order safety supplies for me and had them shipped to me within days. I now receive nice 'safety update' emails from him which I appreciate tremendously. I couldn't have chosen a more professional and courteous company for this service to improve the Safety Program at my business. Thank you!"
-HVAC Service Manager, El Cajon, CA
"I wanted to let you know that two of my guys from yesterday’s first aid training said that you were the best trainer they had ever encountered. This is great to hear! You made the class very engaging for our team."
-Engineering Human Resources Manager, Hinkley, CA
"Thanks again for the training and all of the follow-up. People commented to me that they enjoyed the first aid class…you made what could have been a torturous 6 hours into a great experience!"
-Biotech Facilities Manager, Carlsbad, CA
​"We have used many different resources for first aid training, from teaching it ourselves to having students self study, to more than one outside vendor. The value that your instructor offers to us is that he does such a great job instructing...with hands on training. He includes active and interactive exercises. He follows a proven method of explaining, demonstrating, and then involving the students, who learn hands on. We have learned from experience the value of good training as an investment. First aid classes aren't created equally...some of the vendors we have used charge a cheaper price, but have done exactly what we can already do just showing a video and going over discussion points. Our attendees who take part in the SAFEWEST classes take away valuable first aid skills that give them confidence to respond to an emergency if the need were to arise. Your instructor has shown us consistent dependable service, and has accommodated our changing needs with great flexibility..."
-Education Projects Manager, San Diego CA
​"I wanted to give you feedback on our CPR trainer from SAFEWEST...everyone really enjoyed the class. Employees mentioned that this was by far one of the best classes they have taken. He made it a mission to remember our names and interacted with everyone. He answered all our questions (even the not so good ones)...Thanks for sending him our way!"
-Engineering Admin, Los Angeles, CA
"​Thank you so much for your time and going above and beyond . . . I appreciate all you do for us to help keep us safe. Thanks!"
-Brewery Operations Manager, Carlsbad, CA
"I have received nothing but high remarks for your very professional and complete training. I appreciate your help and would gladly recommend your training in the future."
-Biotech EHS Manager, San Diego CA
"​The respirator safety course was specific to our type of work. It was very comprehensive and covered all we need to know."
-Water Treatment Technician, San Diego, CA
"​The Blood Borne Pathogens Disease training class provided by SAFEWEST is a very complete , informative course with valuable information about how employees can protect themselves and others from exposure to several infections in the working environment. This class shows videos and hands on training with complete, in-detail explanation from the instructor. I personally recommend this course to anyone who is responsible for maintaining company security and health standards."
-Hospitality Industry Chief Engineer, San Diego CA
"I would highly recommend SAFEWEST for your safety training needs. They were able to schedule multiple classes in a short period of time. The instructor arrived early, was prepared and brought training materials in both English and Spanish which was very employees had really good feedback on the class!"
-Hospitality Industry Human Resources Director, San Diego CA
"Your instructor Shelby did a fine job at training our students. I felt that she really wanted the students to be prepared in the case their training was needed yet kept the class lively, fun, and interesting. She did not let the students become complacent, but kept them involved with scenarios, questions, and demonstrations. I did not doubt her ability or experience for a moment. We are happy to have SAFEWEST doing our CPR training."
-Electrical Apprenticeship Instructor, Riverside CA
"Over the past 5 years I have the pleasure of not only working with your instructor from SAFEWEST, but also getting to know him as an individual. He is great person to work with, remarkable services, always positive and with a great attitude and incredible work ethic and dedication to safety. He provides first aid and fire extinguisher responders training for our employees . His services have been a great value to our company."
-Packaging Manufacturing Lead, San Diego CA
​"Very seldom am I without words when someone asks me for my opinion. In responding to how your instructor conducted the class, his knowledge and presentation, my repeated response has been- 'WOW'. He is definitely an asset and I look forward to future classes taught by him."
-Food Manufacturing EHS Manager, Birmingham AL
"I would highly recommend SAFEWEST for CPR/First Aid/AED training. Not only is the training comparable to the bigger, more expensive, national chains but the service is what makes you stay. I’ve worked with SAFEWEST on several occasions where someone else has left me 'high and dry' and I needed trainings covered. SAFEWEST always steps in and saves the day."
-Education Operations Manager, Sacramento CA
"​I had the pleasure of taking the DOT Haz Mat class the other day with your instructor. This is the third time I’ve taken this class and I had been dreading it for several weeks and tried to find a way out of having to attend. This was the first time I actually enjoyed the class. The material is still pretty much the same but the way your instructor presented it, and his enthusiasm, really made a difference. Not only did I enjoy the class but I also feel I got a lot more knowledge out of it than I did in the past."
 -Food Manufacturing Manager, St. Paul MN
​"Thanks! Definitely the best first aid training I've had."
-Construction Project Engineer, La Jolla CA
"I really enjoyed your first aid and CPR training the other day...It was much more in depth and entertaining than the training I received at our employer's office a few weeks back. Your props were top notch and helped me understand giving first aid and CPR at a much higher level. It definitely was a much more enjoyable experience! I look forward to the next training session in 2 years."
-Fire Alarm Technician, San Diego CA
"​Great job. I enjoyed the hands on approach of your course. You made it more interesting than Save-a-Heart's program. Keep up the great work, hope to see you again."
-Commercial Electrical Apprentice, San Diego CA
"​Myself and my coworkers were very impressed with the course materials, the variety of subjects within the training...and your instructor's personal knowledge of Health and Safety."
-Field Scientist, San Diego CA
"​I truly enjoyed the First Aid and CPR Training offered by SAFEWEST. The instructor was very knowledgeable and easy to understand. He covered the material in an energetic manner and spent what felt like the right amount of time on each subject. I also enjoyed the practical applications of several specific skills. This was the most engaging and entertaining First Aid and CPR Training I have ever attended."
-Law Enforcement Clerical Staff, San Diego CA
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